Social Responsibility
Our customers come to ROMWE for the latest trends and interesting gadgets, but we know that it’s not
always about the fun. As much as we are dedicated to providing a large selection of unique products at
affordable prices, we are just as committed to making a positive impact on our customers, employees and
the environment. ROMWE strives to create a fun experience for our customers while adhering to fair
labor practices, environmental impact mitigation, and charitable causes.
ISO Certified Factories
Our factories are ISO Certified. ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization that provides world-class standards for quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems.
We hold all our employees, manufacturers and partners accountable to strict quality standards of production.
Fair Labor Practices
We treat all of our employees like family by providing industry leading working conditions. From offering above average salaries and benefits, to building state-of-the-art factories and offices, we make sure everyone can work in a safe, clean, happy and productive environment.
We are also proudly in compliance with strict fair labor standards set by international organizations like SA8000®.
We are concerned with how climate change will impact our planet’s future. That’s why we are among the first few fashion brands taking steps to mitigate our environmental impact. Below are some of the steps we are taking towards sustainability.
Limited Quantity Production
Unlike most fashion brands that produce thousands of pieces of each style which often ends up as waste due to the inability to sell the product, we only produce 50-100 pieces per new product to ensure that no raw materials are wasted. Only when we confirm that a style is in high demand, do we implement large-scale production.
Advance Digital Printing Technology
Most large fashion brands use screen printing which uses chemical agents, large volumes of dyes/water/steam, and huge amounts of electricity to produce. This results in large amounts of water and air pollution, as well as create health risks for factory workers who are in constant contact with the chemicals. We have begun using an innovative Digital Printing technology to print graphics and patterns onto fabrics. Although this is a more costly manufacturing process, it produces only a fraction of the pollution of traditional screen printing which will not only benefit our customers and workers, but go a long ways to help save our environment.
During the global COVID-19 pandemic, ROMWE partnered with Direct Relief in May of
2020 to provide PPE for healthcare workers across the US. ROMWE will continue to
collaborate with other organizations to help benefit our community.